Wills and Estates

We can help you with all aspects of your wills and estates matters, from estate planning to estate administration.

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International and Domestic Trusts

With trust experience in Canada, the UK, the Cayman Islands and under the laws of the Commonwealth, we can help you with all aspects of your estate planning and with preserving and administering your assets for the benefit of yourself, your loved ones and your intended beneficiaries.

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Estate Litigation

While disputes in estate matters are regrettable, they do arise.  If that happens we can assist you with seeking the quickest and most cost-effective resolution available.

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How We Can Help You

Too often creating and maintaining a Will, and attending all of the related life-planning matters, is left undone as people are occupied with the day-to-day activities of life.  Regrettably, failing to prepare and update a Will, settle a Trust, issue a Personal Directive and execute an Enduring Power of Attorney can leave your loved ones burdened during your time of need, and not cared for in the manner that you would have wanted after your passing.

Our firm can help you with these critical matters, including all aspects of estate planning, administration, and all aspects of probate. We are well-placed to assist you with any size estate, be it a straightforward family arrangement to a complex multi-jurisdictional estate.

If a dispute arises regarding the terms of a Will, the circumstances of its execution, or with its administration, we can help with any necessary challenges, litigation, Court applications for interpretation or directions, as well as mediation of disputes amongst potential beneficiaries.

If unexpected circumstances regarding a trust arise giving need to vary its terms to meet the intention of the settlor or the changing circumstances, we can assist with an application of the Court for a variation of the terms of the trust, or to respond to such an application on your behalf if needed.



Next Steps...

If you need assistance with a Will, a Personal Directive, a Power of Attorney, an estate, a trust, or if you are involved in a litigious dispute about any of these things, contact us now for help.